||: The journey of a Soulbird:||

Berklee alumna. composer. songstress 






At the very beginning of her American Saga in '99,

Ivana auditioned for Berklee College Of Music among

1000 vocal candidates ~ Winning the highest international

talent scholarship award with honorary acceptance to Berklee.

Enrolling in the summer of 2000,  Ivana's soulful heart became

flawlessly Berklee-nized.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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 The intro of life, when Berklee said "Yes" and the struggle to actually get there,

started with selling  family"s  piano in exchange for a single, cross-Atlantic

ticket to Boston​.

 two decades of a music life, intertwined with 
the journey of a soulbird, is  a unique story about a girl from a war-torn Serbia,
who dreamed about studying at Berklee and later became a globally recognized vocalist and lecturer. A girl who played piano and sang since age of 4, and who ​auditioned for Berklee with her singing heart​,

winning the ​highest ​international ​scholarship 

​awarded in Europe in 1999​.

The intro of life, when Berklee said “​Yes”​, and the struggle to actually get there, started with selling her family’s only priced possession, a piano-

in exchange for a single

cross-Atlantic plane ticket to Boston​.

That’s how Ivana came to study at Berkl​ee

unwrapping the musical dream,

 as voice performance major,​ in the summer of 2000​.

Somewhere in the arms of Berklee, teachers of Jazz, R&B and Gospel marched in and brainstormed Ivana's  potential into a reality.  As th​e first Serbian vocalis​t of that Era with profound deliverance of the Contemporary American Music Styles, Ivana's  musicianship opened up

multi-gates to music collaborations at Berklee.


Through ensemble ratings  that peaked among fellow singers, Ivana became a member and soloist of the  Berklee Gospel Choir, participated in multiple high-ranked recitals and showcased her original compositions through a chain of recording projects and several artistic showcases such a​s

Jazz Vocal Series, presented by Prof. ​Maggie Scott​.

 R​epresenting Berklee at ​Boston Jazz Society​ ​,

has been a stellar accomplishment of Ivana's last  attended semester at Berklee, where her vocals,  

along with fellow Alumni ​Esperanza Spalding

on the double bass, shared the stage as Berklee jazz starlights.

Due to financial difficulties, Ivana had no choice but to leave her beloved Berklee family in 2004.

Upon returning home, Ivana was greeted with open arms

and perceived as a new ray of hope for 

teaching contemporary American 

vocal styles to a new generation of students​.

Performance wise, her live debut appearances at native soil​ sky-rocketed her vocals into a solo performing career in Jazz, where she  gained public recognition and media support as well as a noble acceptance​ in the Serbian circle of Elite Jaz​z.

In over a ​decade of teaching​ and guiding the young talents to enrich their vision of Berklee,


Ivana helped organize seminars and workshops, where she continued to ​build bridges with Berklee community​ by Having Alumni visiting artists and teachers coming to Serbia to inspire the new generation of Berklee candidates, ​(Gospel ensemble “Overjoyed”​ and Prof. Dennis Montgomery, just to name a few​). 

During the Berklee  Scholarship Auditions in Serbia, Ivana was ​honored to accept the “Berklee Jury Seat” 

a​long with ​Casey Driessen, Lupa Santiago, Jason Camelio and Gojko Damjanic.

In the upcoming years, Ivana became a U.S. citizen.  

The honorary naturalization ceremony was held at the New York historical society,

where Ivana was invited to open the event 

by performing the national anthem. 

New York became ivana's permanent home and  she had visions of  completing her  self-written and produced album, but unfortunately a blinding stroke of grief hit Ivana's reality on multiple levels.

The sudden loss of her  father, followed a series of Severe Asthma onsets.

Surviving the airless challenge, Ivana came out stronger, as she slowly learned how to re-breathe and re-walk but unfortunately,

her voice hasn't. ​

Strong asthma therapies have completely taken over

Ivana's  vocal folds, leaving her 4 octave instrument - a raspy silence.

It took years before Ivana would learn how to partially turn back to producing her own sound of speaking and (silent) singing.

# The Brand new heavies

In 2012​ Ivana accepted the honor​ of becoming a background vocalist for the London based, Funksters and Acid Jazz genre pioneers, the famous​ "MTV award" winning artists ​

“The Brand New Heavies​”​and songstress “​N’Dea Davenpor​t".

Ivana literally “lived the dream” by becoming apart of their musical family.

Performing at the most eminent jazz and R&B venues and​ festivals in the World,​ including the ​"Essence Music Festiv​al"​, ​"Blue Note Jazz Festival​"​ and​ "​Capital Jazz Festival​”​- to name a few,

 it was a wish coming true for Ivana's musically-ached heart.

During these eminently surreal vocal journey​s, Ivana performed​ side by side

and ​opened stage​s for names such a​s 

George Duk​e​ and Stanley Clarke,​ ​Will Downing,​ ​Tamia​, ​Oleta Adams​ ​and​ ​Toni Braxto​n​.


In 2016, Ivana had her​ first U.S. ​National TV​ appearance​ ​​with "The Brand New Heavies",

performing live on ​Fox5NY​ "Good Day New York".

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