Ivana Kotov is American (Serbian- born) songstress, composer, Berklee Alumna and  and multiverse artista,

At the very beginning of her American saga, Ivana auditioned for Berklee College Of Music in ’99 among 1000 other candidates, winning the highest international talent scholarship award with honorary acceptance to Berklee as the first recognized Serbian-born vocalist to flawlessly deliver the pure language of musicianship in the Berklee- verse of soul, jazz and gospel styles.


With the world’s finest education at Berklee, where she widely mastered her musicianship in the fields of Contemporary Writing and Performance, It only took one semester for Ivana to sky-rocket her visions into higher dimensions. 

By mid 2000s, Ivana took Boston stages by storm. Keeping the balance on the European Jazz scene of her native soil, Ivana united with the  international jazz-masters and toured with her original (self-released) album “Soul Princess”. 

Over the last 15 years, Ivana has been performing as a lead singer, composer, choir director and vocal arranger, leaving her heart-printed artistry on tours, seminars and vocal workshops around the globe. 

Ivana’s musical canvas is stretched across the 7 seas of  hundred collaborations of studio projects and released albums in both US and European Musicverse of Jazz, Soul and Gospel.  



With a world beneath her wings, Ivana has a starmap of interstellar connections within her journey through the stars.  With recognition in the public society of american music styles, Ivana became an american songbird with full time residency in New York City. 


 during her music collaboration with the Acid Jazz pioneers-

 "The Brand New Heavies" and songstress N’dea davenport, Ivana had a privilege to share the jazz stages with the greats such as George Duke, Stanley Clarke and Oleta Adams.


Ivana recently  performed at the Blue Note Jazz Festival, B.B. King’s Blues club and at the  Capital Jazz fest, opening the stages for Will Downing, Tamia and Toni Braxton.


Today, preparing her new book of sounds and writing original music scores, Ivana is breathing through the sounds of tomorrows by continuously building creative bridges within her New York art tales.

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